Tuesday at Fishtank: Funktion-One Sound System Demonstration

Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 @ 9pm, Join us for a Coherent Distribution product demonstration featuring a compact Funktion-One sound system powered by NST and Full Fat Audio.

Techno Soundtrack will be provided by #Tis4TechnoDJs Red Sonya & Alien Tom, plus a surprise guest DJ, and the return of #whosplayingTwo.

San Diego Techno DJs: Join the fun by signing up for #whosplayingTwo and experience the Funktion-One monitoring system first hand. Bring two of your favorite high fidelity (.aif or .wav) Techno tracks on a USB drive to play and join the secret tag-team lineup of local DJs.

T is 4 Techno

T is 4 Techno @ Fishtank
1808 W. Washington Street
San Diego, CA 92103

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