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This is an example of our T is 4 Techno homepage section. T is 4 Techno homepage sections will be any page other than the homepage itself, including the page that shows our latest blog posts. We will decide what to do with this soon. Thank you for Techno.


T is 4 Techno.  #Tis4Techno. Our mission is Techno.


What is Techno?

What is Techno? Techno music started in Detroit, went to Europe and has spread worldwide. What started as an expression of machines now is the culture for millions of people worldwide. Techno is the international language of TECHNO!

T is 4 Techno May

T is 4 Techno May is a Beatport Techno Chart by Alien Tom. This list of 20 songs consists of 2018 Techno releases. Check out the songs included below.  

T is 4 Techno Video Promo

Check out the T is 4 Techno Promo Video by Aaron Eudaley. The song is “Nothing Else” By Alien Tom available on Stripped Digital through Beatport. Please share the video and shout out #Tis4Techno and we will see you out there somewhere!


T is 4 Techno, #Tis4Techno.