Techno – GPT-4 Prompted By Alien Tom

T is 4 Techno DALL-E

As the hype around GPT-4 grows, we thought it would be a good time to talk Techno. Alien Tom prompts GPT-4 with some surprising results. Please see the chat below. The responses were not edited. The questions were edited for spelling and capitalization. Is this a case of ‘objects in the mirror are closer than they appear?’ The images in the post below were all prompted in DALL-E.

t is 4 techno dall-e art

AlienTom: For the TLDR, can you write a one or two sentence summary of our discussion?

GPT-4: …a discussion of the origins and popularity of techno music, its impact on culture and society, as well as challenges it has faced such as laws restricting its growth, and the positive developments that have emerged in recent years.

Techno Music Popularity

AlienTom: Is Techno music popular?

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E-Dancer Re:Generate Drumcode 250th Release

E-Dancer Re:Generate Drumcode 250th Release

Drumcode are thrilled to announce the label has collaborated with Kevin Saunderson and his legendary E-Dancer project ‘Re:Generate’ to present a series of remixes from the iconic moniker. A project initiated by Adam Beyer and Saunderson that’s been taking shape over the last year, a selection of Drumcode’s finest, alongside a string of Detroit legends and some of the freshest names in techno will present a unique interpretation of the iconic E-Dancer album ‘Heavenly’, with a couple of special surprises along the way.

Re:Generate remix confirmations so far include Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Bart Skils, DJ Bone, DJ Minx, Layton Giordani, Len Faki, Rebūke, Robert Hood, rRoxymore, Special Request, Tygapaw and Wehbba.
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Laurent Garnier Off The Record Documentary

This inspiring, generational music documentary explores the birth and rise of techno music through the eyes of one of its pioneers: acclaimed French DJ Laurent Garnier. Through never-before-seen archive images and footage of Laurent’s recent world tour, you will experience a remarkably intimate portrait of a passionate trailblazer who followed his passion against all odds and eventually helped make a musical, social and political revolution happen. It is also a celebration of the ineffable collective music experience, much missed in these times of self-isolation.

The Escape Velocity Magazine Issue One

The Escape Velocity Issue One Cover

There is a new Axis Recordings project from Jeff Mills and his team. Check out the first issue of The Escape Velocity.

“In Electronic Music, there are many aspects to the genre that have always needed more attention, more observation and constant monitoring.”

Jeff Mills

Prada 2021 Fashion Show Music by Richie Hawtin


Watch these youtube videos of Richie Hawtin / Plastikman providing the minimal Techno soundtrack for Prada Spring/Summer 2021 Womenswear and Prada Fall/Winter 2021 Menswear fashion shows.

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30 Years Of Polish Techno Scene Book

30 Years Of Polish Techno Scene Book

In 2020, Veteran ravers Artur Wojtczak, Radek Tereszczuk and Łukasz Krajewski published a book titled ’30 Years Of Polish Techno Scene’. This book is the first anthology documenting the history of the techno scene and of electronic music in Poland.

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Black to Techno Documentary

The 20-minute documentary Black to Techno is a stunning snapshot of the Detroit techno scene that reclaims the black origins of the genre’s innovative spirit and soul. Directed by British filmmaker Jenn Nkiru, the film was commissioned by Frieze and Gucci as part of their Second Summer of Love series.

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Techno Rebels, The Renegades of Electronic Funk

Techno Rebels, The Renegades of Electronic Funk

Techno Rebels, The Renegades of Electronic Funk, by Dan Sicko is an updated, expanded history of techno music with special attention to its roots in Detroit.

Techno DJs and music producers referenced in the Techno Rebels book include Mike Banks, Blake Baxter, Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon, Jr., Richard Hawtin, Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Theo Parrish and more.

Techno music record labels featured in the book include Definitive, Ghostly International, M-Plant, Minus, Planet E, Plus 8, Underground Resistance, Utensil Records and many more.

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