Layton Giordani Life Moves Fast On Drumcode


Layton Giordani Life Moves Fast on Drumcode gives us the rosetta stone of Techno. Follow the prompts to a brighter future. We don’t need AI when we have songs like this. Here’s what GPT-4 has to say about the household name, Layton.

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Adam Beyer Legend Original Mix


Adam Beyer Legend sounds like a documentary title. Drumcode Techno Techno Techno. The Swedish, Spanish based ‘legend’ is at it again with this single sided promo! Oh wait, it’s a download. You get the idea. Let’s hear two sentences about Adam that GPT-4 thinks we don’t know.

  1. Adam Beyer is not only a successful techno DJ and producer, but he also co-owns Drumcode, one of the most popular and influential techno labels in the world.
  2. Beyer is a big fan of football (soccer), and even played semi-professionally in his youth before fully committing to his music career.

JSPR Cyborg Salsa Truncate


When Truncate releases Techno music, we listen. When we see JSPR we can expect nothing less than precision. Putting these two power houses together brings Los Angeles and Rotterdam to the Techno table. Dance floors only.