ALIEN9 – Obsidian Mix XIII

DJ Harshal, A.K.A. Alien9, presents a curated mix for Obsidian SD‘s podcast. Stream and download this exclusive Techno mix from Soundcloud.

The innovative endeavor spearheaded by Harshal, a San Diego-based electronic DJ, music producer, and video director hailing from Nagpur, India, represents a groundbreaking venture that has been in the works for an extensive period of time. Driven by a relentless passion for electronic music, Harshal has dedicated himself to exploring and pushing the boundaries of this art form through Alien9.

Drawing upon a wealth of experience as a DJ, Alien9 skillfully crafts immersive and exhilarating dancefloor experiences that transcend conventional genres. What sets Alien9 apart is the fusion of traditional Indian folk instruments with intricate electronic synths, resulting in a distinctive and captivating techno sound.

In his latest composition, an exclusive DJ set specially curated for Obsidian SD, Alien9 extends a compelling invitation to embark on an unparalleled sonic odyssey. With an unequivocal message that “Dancing is not optional,” Alien9’s statement serves as a testament to the infectious beats and rhythms meticulously selected for this performance, guaranteeing an electrifying experience that will ignite your every move.


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