Truncate DTW 2 LAX V1

Truncate – DTW 2 LAX V1

Truncate – DTW 2 LAX V1 is available in digital format as well as vinyl. Support this Techno music producer and label at:

Truncate – DTW 2 LAX V1 – Listen & Download

David Flores’ raw, jacking sound refines the best bits of modern production whilst staying true to the core proponents of the Techno genre. His upcoming appearance on the label shows him in great form, channelling classic sounds in an elegant, reduced fashion.

Opener DTW 2 LAX V1 pairs a pitching sequence with dry drums and the careful arrangement of a pro. On the follow up, DTW 2 LAX V2 – Flores swaps out the immediacy of the 909 for a deeper 808 drum kit without any compromise on energy. On the flip The Dawn riffs on Hood-esque polyrhythms with frenetic, driven drum arrangement before closer Minimize offers a moment of psychedelic, heads-down introspection.

Inventive, effective weapons for discerning DJ’s.

T is 4 Truncate

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